Sarah + Josh Denn

Josh and Sarah met online during COVID after recognizing each other from college. They went on a few dates and once they both were on the same page about what they wanted in a relationship, they became inseparable. He asked Sarah to marry him after four months and then eight months later Sarah was walking down the aisle. "When you know, you know" says Sarah. Josh and Sarah have both been through so much and meeting each other felt so God ordained. On their wedding day it rained for a while until about an hour before their ceremony, when the sun came out and it turned into the most beautiful fall day they had ever seen. It reminded them that God washes us clean of our past hurt and that we get to experience such fullness of life with Him. Most people say this but I truly believe it— "September 24, 2021 was the best day of my life so far" says Sarah. "It was an amazing day of celebrating God’s faithfulness, our love for each other, and the bright future ahead for us. I couldn’t be more grateful 🤍"

Sarah and Josh got married September 24, 2021 at North Star Farm Event Center located in LeSueur, MN. A beautiful venue with both indoor and outdoor locations to host both a ceremony, and a reception. Not to mention the beautiful landscape throughout the event center maintained perfectly to create spaces for outdoor photography. Sarah and Josh gathered their friends and family on a beautiful day to celebrate their decision to do life together forever from that moment on. The event was bright, joyful, filled with love, laughter, and amazing memories captured by Refined to Redefine Creative. To see the full album, click here.

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