About Me

Hi, my name is Christiam Martinez and I am so glad you took the time to stop by to hear more about me. I was born in Honduras, but I have been living in MN since 2005. I'm the second oldest of 4 children and my two favorite things to do outside of photography is writing music and spending time with those I love. I have 2 B.A. Degrees in Business Administration and Pastoral Studies from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN.

I started learning photography in college from this dream to be featured on "shot on iPhone" campaigns from Apple. Since then, I have gotten the opportunity to do partnerships with brands such as Ivy Longboards, Penny Skateboards, Therapy Clothing Co., and most recent, Travco and Professor Pickleball. These opportunities have allowed me to grow in my skills and also meet other amazing artists in the industry. I have also been invited to second shoot weddings with other local photographers, photograph fashion shows, and work on the photo editing team with brands such as Rag + Bone NY.

Those that know me would describe me as outgoing, fun, creative, approachable, friendly, detailed, organized, professional, efficient, and a bit of a clown. While I'm always striving to remain professional and make your experience unforgettable and take quality photos while looking for ways to create moments that generate a genuine smile.

I am here to make your day and our time together the most fun and easy. I bring high energy and a positive attitude to your day and I'm always looking for ways to close gaps in whatever we need to make your wedding day smooth!

I look forward to hearing about you and getting the chance to join you on your beautiful wedding day!

Editorial Photo of Men's Casual Socks, perfect for a wedding. Found at Banana Republic.



Refine to Redefine was born from a story of redemption. 

Launched in July 2021 - It originally was created to be a blog where I, Christiam, could share my heart, life lessons, faith journey, and anything else I wanted to share. In business terms the blog was about personal growth and leadership development. I fell in love with the heart behind the concept of being the person that you are today because you've been refined through the fire and in that God is working to shape you and purify you to be the most beautiful YOU this world will see. To be Refined to Redefine.

On July 17 2021, I decided to take an adventure with life and launch my own creative company! Having a background in graphic design and a passion for photography, I decided to attempt to use the gifts that he has to make a living. 

I chose to stay with the brand of Refined to Redefine, so I decided to move that to the brand name and everything else in a subcategory of that brand. With that, we proudly present, Refined to Redefine Creative. A Wedding Photography business that loves on people and celebrates people as they choose to join their lives into one.

There will be new blogs coming soon! With my passion to share the journeys of life, there is potential to bring the blog into the photography industry and share more about our days and venues!