Hi, I'm Christiam.

I started photography with his friends in college thinking about capturing moments through the lens of an iPhone. I had a big dream of being featured on an iPhone billboard that read #ShotOniPhone. While chasing this temporary dream, I began to realize that I enjoyed photography a lot. I've always been a people person and I enjoy spending time with them, making them laugh, and reminding them just how special they really are. I had opportunities to shoot photos for a local longboard brand and couples photos.

A family member gifted me what would be my first camera, a Nikon D5000. I took this camera everywhere! It traveled with me to Estes Park, CO, it was a part of multiple engagement shoots, a wedding, and so many other events. It was definitely something I knew I enjoyed doing, although I knew I had no training for it. However, I knew that it wouldn't be my camera long term.

After a series of events I ended up trying to figure out what would be the next best step for me in life as far as career goes, and after talking with many close friends and family, the time felt right to launch my own photography company. I knew my skills, personality, and charisma would shine when capturing beautiful memories and special people.

I am outgoing, fun, creative, innovative, approachable, detailed oriented, organized, professional, efficient, and always looking for a way to raise the standard. I'm also always down for traveling and adventuring!



Refine to Redefine was born from a story of redemption. 

Launched in September 2020 - It originally was created to be a blog where Christiam could share his heart, life lessons, faith journey, and anything else he wanted to share. In business terms the blog was about personal growth and leadership development. He fell in love with the heart behind the concept of being the person that you are today because you've been refined through the fire and in that God is working to shape you and purify you to be the most beautiful you this world will see. To be Refined to Redefine. Read more here.

In July 2021, Christiam decided to take an adventure with life and launch his own creative company! Having a background in graphic design and a passion for photography, Christiam decided to attempt to use the gifts that he has to make a living. 

He wanted to stay within the brand of Refined to Redefine, so he decided to move that to the brand name and everything else in a subcategory of that brand. With that, we proudly present, Refined to Redefine Creative.

Our blog is no longer active, however, with our passion to share the journeys of life, there is potential to bring the blog into the photography industry and share more about our days and venues!